jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Global Classroom

Congratulations Igor and Hestevan for your prizes and to all participants for your good work!!
If you want to write your impressions in this blog you're most welcome.

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  1. I,m Eva and I think the global classrooms was a very good experience in which I have learnt a lot of thinks and I have meet with other people, I olso think that all the work we did had its reward

  2. I know I have already told you guys this a few times now, but you all did a great job at Global Classrooms!! I was really proud of all of you! You guys did a ton of work and it seems like each of you enjoyed the conference (even if it was a long couple of days...).

    And, finally, because you have worked so hard, I promise not to ask for anymore position papers for the rest of the year... unless you guys want to write more! :)

  3. I think we had worked very hard but with the help of the teacher and of course of KYLE we had enjoyed very much too.This experience was unforgetable.


  4. Thank you Kyle, Cathy & Mª Jesús for your great help and dedication.

  5. Great work guys! I want to thank the students for their effort, hard work and excitement. You did great at the conference. I also want to thank Kyle and Cathy for their hard work and for being always available for the kids.
    Thank you everybody!

  6. Hi,I'm saad and i think global classroom was really fun.I had learnt a lot of things because of this experience.And i really like to thank KYLE,CATHY,MARIA JESUS and my others friends of global classrooms,especially my team partner and without all of them i really could have done nothing.So thank you all for helping me.

  7. As I promised to Pepa i'll write my comment here too
    I also think it was an awesome experience in which we learned a lot and each of us enjoyed it in a different way.
    The best part of the Global Classrooms for me its that we have known many new guys from different parts of Madrid and we have become very good friends
    I also would like to thank Pepa, Maria Jesus, Kyle and Cathy for helping us in all the things we needed

  8. Thank you Hestevan. Keep working hard!!