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Last Chapters: 16-20

1. Comment this sentence: "Bruno's memories of life in Berlin had almost all faded away"
2. Why does he go back to Berlin?
3. How do we know Bruno's grandmother did not like Hitler?
4. Was it hard for Bruno to return to "Out-With"?
5. What is odd about Bruno and Shmuel's friendship?
6. What are Gretel's new interests?
7. Why does Bruno go to Gretel's room?
8. What makes her laugh?
9. Why does Gretel scream?
10. Does Bruno have his hair cut?

Chapter 17
1. What do Bruno's parents argue about?
2. Find evidence in the text which prove that Bruno and Gretel get on better now.
3. Write two details that show Bruno's mother is unhappy.
4. Why does the commandant summon his children to his office?

Chapter 18
1. Why did Smuel look unhappy?
2. Did Smuel know Bruno's father?
3. Whose idea was the "new adventure?

Chapter 19

1. Why did Bruno think he might not be able to carry out his plan?
2. How does Bruno disguise himself not to be recognised?
3. Was the camp as Bruno had imagined? Explain.
4. After a while Bruno wants to go home. Why doesn't he?
5. Summarise the end of the story
6. Imagine you could talk to Bruno's father. What would you say to him? 

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Chapters 12, 13, 14 &15

Chapter 12

1. Where did Smuel live before?
2. What was his father's occupation?
3. What  were Jews obliged to wear?
4. What does Bruno find unbelievable about Shamuel's story?
5. What does Shmuel ask Bruno?

Chapter 13

1. Bruno does not miss Berlin so much. Explain why
2. What does María tell Bruno about Pavel?
3. Vocabulary: Explain the meaning of these words:
    Put up with   Gaze   Gobble   Stride   Shake   Chew   Hesitate
4. Why does Lieutenant Kotler scare Shmuel?
5. Kotler feels ashamed of his father. Explain why.        
6. Does María tell Bruno the truth about Pavel?
7. What does Bruno want to do do when he grows up?
8. Bruno & Shmuel disagree about someting. What is it?
9. Narrate the incident at dinner.


1. On a rainy afternoon when Gretel & Bruno are talking something slips out of Bruno's mouth. What is it? What does he say not to reveal the truth?


1. Why does Bruno worry about Shmuel?
2. What does Bruno hate about Kotler?
3. Do you think Bruno's mother likes Kotler? Justify your answer.
4. Why is Shmuel in Bruno's house? 
5. Bruno insists that Smuel eats some chiken slices, he refuses at first, why?
6. What happens when Kotler knows he's been eating?
7. Does Bruno stand by Shmuel in front of Kotler? Why?
8. How does Bruno feel afterwards?
9. What happened to Shmuel?
10. Does he forgive Bruno? How does Smuel show  to him? 


viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

P.S: I Love You

This book is about a beautiful love story.
Holly, the protagonist, meets her husband, Jerry, when she was 19  on a trip to Ireland. After the wedding they move to America.
After almost 20 years Jerry dies but leaves Holly a series of letters which bring back some very special moments of their marriage like when they met.
Holly feels she cannot leave until she does everything Jerry asked in his letters. The end comes and she says goodbye for good.

It is a novel by Cecilia Ahern.
I recommend it to everyone because it is a very beautiful love story and  it ends with a big surprise.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010


An extraordinary trilogy of fantasy.The protagonist:Eragon.His life changes when he receives a dragon

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Reader Chapters 9, 10 & 11

Chapter 9
1. Explain this statement: Life at Out With went on with its customary routine.
2. Who is Herr Liszt?
3. What is The Fatherland?
4. What do you think Her Liszt means when he says this to Bruno: the great wrongs that have been done to you?
5. What has Bruno enjoyed since he was a child?
6. What does he start to wonder about?
7. What is the meaning of: stern(adj.), wonder (vb.), wander (vb.)

Chapter 10

1. Write the meaning of : blob (n.), forlorn (adj.), skinny (adj.)
2. Write a short description of Smuel.
3. Find the meaning of these verbs: a. hesitate, b.wander, c. wonder
4. Why is Bruno surprised?
5. Why does Bruno think Shmuel is lucky?
6. Was Bruno's intention to be unkind when he said Germany is superior to Poland? Why?
7. Which boy knows more geography? Justify your answer.

Chapter 11

1. Do you think Bruno's father called Hitler "The Fury"? Explain your answer.
2. A special guest for dinner Write a paragraph narrating this event.
3. Describe Adolf Hitler and his companion.
4. What impression does Bruno get of "The Fury"?

viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

La Perla

This book was written by Jonh Steinbeck, I like it because it is very interesting and enjoyable and it doesn´t have the final that you are waiting for.
This book awoke great interest in me because it is about a woman and a man who are very poor. One day the woman went to the beach and found a pearl in the sea and some people of the city wanted her to give it to them.The couple wanted to sell the pearl because they needed money to pay the doctor to cure their baby who was ill because of a bite of a scorpion.


STORMBREAKER is a very interesting book written by Anthony Horowitz. It is a book with full of adventure and suspense. I like this book very much. It's is the story of an orphan boy named Alex Rider who lives with his uncle. He had told Alex that he worked in a bank but later after the death of his uncle he discovers that he was a spy and was killed because he was on a secret mission. A man named Herod Sayle had planned to kill the school children of Britain by his stormbreaker computers who had virus in them he planned that he will provide the stormbreaker free in all the schools and after that the prime minister will press a button and the children around the Britain sitting in front of stormbreaker will die because of this virus.So to stop HEROD SAYLE,ALEX RIDER is appointed by MI6 a for whom is uncle worked, he get training their and he has now got to complete the mission which his uncle was not able to complete.His mission is to stop the HEROD SAYLE from providing the stormbreaker computers to the schools in Britain.

Alfagan es Flanagan

This book is about a 16- year- old boy who is asked to solve a case because he was a good "detective". Suddenly a girl of his class disapears, one of the three top girls. Then the girl´s father starts to investigate what have happened to his daughter. After some time Flanagan found some tracks that the police could never find. After they had searched for four months Alfagann leads the investigation to find the missing girl who had been kidnapped by the head of the girl's father.
I recommend this book to people who like suspense and intrigue. I like this book because it's different to others because when you reed the first page you are like inside of the story and soon you feel indentified with some character

New Moon

New Moon is a fantastic novel by Stephenie Meyer and it's the second book of Twilight series.

I love this book and I have been one of the readers who could not stop reading, I was so curious about what was going to happen.

It's a very romantic story but it does not look like those we are used to read, It is a really gripping what makes it very easy to read.The prominent figures are described very well that way you can imagine them while you enjoy the reading.
I recommend this book to everybody who likes romantic, a bit unreal intriguing love stories. I'm sure that is going to please them and are going to enjoy like me!

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Mendigo en la playa de oro

This book is one of the best books I have ever read because it is very easy to understand and it's for young people like us.

It was written by Jordi Sierra i Fabra. It´s about a solidary eighteen´s boy who is a student but in his free time he works with old people with difficulty to move by themselves. But he becomes friend of one of them and takes care about things of life which makes him mature. And because of that he realized that he is in love with a beautiful young girl who will be his girlfriend later on.

I recommend this book because it's really lovely and enjoyable for our age. I promise!

''El Gol Imposible''

This book is one of the best I've read because, apart from the fact that it treats of football (my favourite sport), it's a misterious book in which you can't imagine what it is going to happen.

''El Gol Imposible'' is written by Enrique Sánchez. Its content treats of a journalist that one day found a famous football player from the past, who had a traffic accident and died. This case surprises the journalist, so he started to search information about the accident and the people who was always around him, but only his wife believed him. He was fixed in all the related details to find that football player.

I recommend this book to the people who like mistery, action and football.

El Medico by Noah Gordon

This story is based in the life of an orphan, that to survive has to become an aprentice of barber. The story is placed in the 11th century, firstly in London, but when the boy grows he wanted to study medicine in Asia, near Afghanistan. At that time barbers were in charge also of making bleedings and amputations. The boy believed that he has a gift from God, a talent, he knew if a patient would survive or not. When his master dies, he started a 2-year- trip to Asia, disguising as a jew, because at that time mixing with Arabs was forbidden. He reached the capital and entered the medicine college where he study and live fantastic adventures.

A highly recommended book, it transports you completly to Asia and to the 11th century.

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Doña Bárbara

This work is one of my favourite books. It's about a woman called Barbara who has very bad childhood and teenage and, as a consequence, she becomes a cruel woman. She falls in love with a man called Santos who comes to Barbara´s town to sell a piece of land he owns.But then he falls in love with Barbara´s daughter, Marisela. So you can imagine how complicated their lives become, especially taking into account that Barbara and her daughter hate each other.

The author of the book, Rómulo Gallegos, uses a very rich and expressive language to tell this story. He uses typical vocabulary of Venezuela and a lot of metaphors, so it's sometimes difficult to understand what he means.

I like this book a lot because I love how the author uses the language, particularly when he describes the cruel scenes of Doña Barbara. I also love the ending and how the story represents conflicts between opposite forces, such as civilization and order against cruelty and brutality.

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

The Alchemist

One of the best books that I have read recently is The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo. It is the story of a young shepherd who abandons his flock in southern Spain and travels across the Sahara Desert in search of the Great Pyramids. The novel, however, is much deeper than this simple story line. It is filled with allegories and metaphors that caused me to consider my own life and future goals. I found the novel so inspirational that I bought a copy of it for my younger sister. She is a college student and, like the young shepherd, is faced with many difficult choices. During the coming years, she will have to find apartments, apply for jobs, and begin shaping her own life, and I hope that the novel will help her understand these decisions better and figure out what her goals really are.

I recommend this book to all of you for the same reasons. The book is perfect for young adults who want to understand the world around them and who are starting to consider their own futures. So, grab a copy and start dreaming!

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This book was written by Stephenie Meyer. It is about a family of vampires, called Cullen. Their members are Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Esme Carlisle an Rosalie. They lived in a little town call Forks. They are vampires, but they don't drink human blood, they drink animal blood, the are like vegetarians. A girl named Bella came to lived in Forks, because her mother is going to travel with her boyfriend, so she had to stay with his father, that was the serif of the town. She hates Forks, because she before came to forks, she lived in Seatle, a very sunny place, and she had to come to a town where is always raining. In Forks she meets Edward, Bella for Edward is like his brand of heroin, so he first rejects her, but later he gets closer to her. At the same time, in the Push, an Indian reservation, lived the licantropos, similar to the werewolfs, an they are in charged of protect Forks from the vampires. This is a book about love, adventures and fights.

Death on the Nile

I have chosen this book because it is one of my favorite books. Agatha Christie is one of the best writers of mystery and detective novels.

In this book, Linnet Ridgeway, a famous and pretty woman is killed during a cruise along the Nile. She was with her husband but also her best friend was there, in the past she was Linnet's husband's girlfriend. In this cruise is the famous detective Hercule Poirot, who is going to solve the case. But, who has killed Linnet? Why? and what reasons should he or she have?

This book is very intriguing and exciting, I recommend it to all the people who like crimes and also to people who want to have a good time.

Cristiano Ronaldo ''Sueños Cumplidos''

Cristiano Ronaldo ''Sueños Cumplidos'' written by Enrique Ortego is a book that I´ve read recently. I recommend this book to anyone who like his ablity wiht the ball, his skills and want to know a little more about him.

When I started to read it I was surprised, because he didn´t study. He was always in the street playing football (soccer). Everybody says that football has not future, but in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo it did.

The book tells his life until he came to Madrid, from his childhood to our days, being a star.
His first team, in Madeira (Portugal) was the Andoriña football club. Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro with the license nº 17.182 began his football career.

I recommend you to read it.

Book Day

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is a fantasy series by Jonathan Stroud.
This trilogy is formed by:
1.The amulet of Smarkanda
2.The golem´s Eye
3.Ptolomy´s Gate

The story is told through the viewpoint of three characters, the magician Nathaniel (later known as John Mandrake), Bartimaeus (a five-thousand year old spirit of mid-level power), and the commoner Kitty Jones.

The three novels are set in London in an alternate history to our own, though many countries, cities, events, and people are real:Prague, the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, Solomon,William Ewart Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, etc.. The books suppose that magic, magicians, and demons have been active throughout history, altering it. In particular these changes are reflected in the contrast between modern aspects (such as electricity and cars) and older ones (colonial-era weapons). The current time is never directly stated.

Among the books of fantasyI have read, these are the best ones. They are really amazing and interesting. I have enjoyed very much reading them.

Finis Mundi

I chose this book because is one of my favorite book.This book talk about a monk cluniacense called Michel, who decides to embark in an impossible mission. According to the revelations of the hermit Bernardo of Thuringia, the end of the world approaches and only there is a way of saving the humanity; to invoke to the Spirit of the Time. But before it is necessary to recover three axes on which the wheel of the Time is sustained. I'm recommend it to everyone.
Author:Laura Gallego Garcia

Hechizo ( Sarah singleton)

Hechizo by Sara Singleton. It's a book I read three years ago , in the first year of secondary school.
This book is recomended for young teeneagers who like fantastic stories.
I think that if I read that book now I shouldn´t like it, but at that age things were different and it was especial for me.
When I read each line, or fragment lots of doubts raised inside me. What will happen next?, I was intrigued and I could not stop reading. Some parts of the story goosepimple my skin and I fell that the same things would happen to me.It was as if I was in the story.

I read it a few yeas ago when I was in the first year of secondary school, but I still remember it.

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Reader Chapters 6,7 8

Chapter 6
1. What does Bruno mean when he says to María:" We're all in the same boat. And it's leaking."
2. How does Bruno feel?
3. Why is María grateful and loyal to Bruno's parents?
4. What does Bruno realise about María?
5. Who is more sensitive towards the maid, Gretel or Bruno? Justify your answer.

Chapter 7
6. The narrator tells us the story of Herr Roller. What is Bruno afraid of?
7. What does he plan to do to entertain himself?
8. What does Bruno think about Kurt(Lieutenant Kotler)?
9. What about Gretel?
10. Did Bruno manage to make the swing? What went wrong?
11. Who is Pavel? What kind of person is he?
12. What does Bruno learn about him?
13. Bruno's mother says to Pavel."If the commandant asks, we'll say that I cleaned Bruno up" Do you think she's being selfish as Bruno says? Explain the title of this chapter.

Chapter 8
14. Write a few lines about Bruno's grandfather: Name, age, personality...
15. Now write about his grandma: name, age, interests, personality...
16. What's Bruno's father's name? When does it appear in the text?
17. How did the family react to his promotion?
18. Bruno's grandma had an argument with his son.(Bruno's father), what was it about?
19. What are Bruno's feelings towards his grandparents?

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Diario de un emigrante

I had read many books by Delibes years ago but I read this one after the author's recent death. I enjoyed reading it very much because it is very realistic and full of humour. I also liked it because Lorenzo, the main character reminds me of my father, who was also very fond of hunting. The language is very rich with lots of colloquial expressions which transport me to my childhood in a town of Castilla.
I recommend you to read it but have a dictionary at hand, I'm sure you'll need it!!

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Reader: Chapters 3, 4, 5

These are the questions:

1.How does Gretel tease Bruno?
2. How long do they think they're going to stay in the new house?
3. The house is located next to a concentration camp. Which one do you think? What makes you think so?
4. Who's more courageous, Gretel or Bruno? Justify your answer.
5. What do they see from Bruno'sbedroom window?

6.What does the narrator compare the garden full of flowers with? Invent another simile and write it.
7. In your own words write a brief description of the fence and place at the other side.
8. What's Gretel's conclusion about the place?
9. Does Bruno agree? Why?
10. Look up these words and write their meaning: "wheelbarrow", "crutches", " spades"
11. Gretel doesn't like to face the truth Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.
12. What does Bruno find remarkable about the people at the other side of the fence?
13. Find a sentence which shows that Bruno's mother thinks her husbad is ambitious.
14. What's the relationship between Bruno's mother and María? Justify your answer.
15. What did Bruno think it was weird at the station?
16. What are Bruno's feelings towards his father?
17. In which year is this happening? Quote the sencence where the narrator tells us.
18. What kind of salute does Bruno describe? What are the two words?
19 What's Bruno's father's room lke compared to the rest of the house?
20. How does Bruno's dad try to convince him they should stay there?
21. Who do you think "the Fury" is?
22. Why does Bruno's father think that his son is either being very brave or simply disrespectful?
23. How does Bruno feel after the conversation with his father?
24. What is Bruno's last question? Is he satisfied with the answer?

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Reader, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This is the reader for next term. I hope you will learn a lot.

Here you have some questions about chapters 1 & 2.You have to answer one question each, check first which ones have already been answered, follow the order and number your answer. You can also give your opinion if you disagree with any of your class mates' previous responses.

Questions Chapters 1 & 2

1. What's the discovery Bruno makes?
2. Is Bruno's family wealthy? Justify your answer.
3. Write a little about Bruno's personality.
4.Who's a "hopeless case"? What does it mean?
5. Where does Bruno live?
6. How can we guess there was a war?
7. Why is it hard for Bruno to go away?
8. Does the narrator tell us what Bruno's father's job was? Can you guess?
9. Who does Bruno's mum call "some people"?
10. Is Bruno allowed to go into his father's office?
11. How does Bruno feel when he goes into their new house?
12. What was very different there?
13. What remained the same?
14. Does Bruno's mother like the new place? Justify your answer with words from the text.
15. What are Bruno's feelings towards his father? Justify your answer
16. Who lived in the house apart from the family?
17. What piece of advice does María give Bruno?
18. How did Bruno feel when he looked through the window in his bedroom?
19. Describe the fruit & vegetables stall in Bruno's city.

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Global Classroom

Congratulations Igor and Hestevan for your prizes and to all participants for your good work!!
If you want to write your impressions in this blog you're most welcome.

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Homework and dates of exams

I remind you that you have to read chapters 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33 of Skellig for Thursday, 11th March

Last day to hand in your essays: Monday, 15th March

Next exams: 9th & 10th March. Content: Language use, reading comprehension, listening & writing