jueves, 22 de abril de 2010


This book was written by Stephenie Meyer. It is about a family of vampires, called Cullen. Their members are Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Esme Carlisle an Rosalie. They lived in a little town call Forks. They are vampires, but they don't drink human blood, they drink animal blood, the are like vegetarians. A girl named Bella came to lived in Forks, because her mother is going to travel with her boyfriend, so she had to stay with his father, that was the serif of the town. She hates Forks, because she before came to forks, she lived in Seatle, a very sunny place, and she had to come to a town where is always raining. In Forks she meets Edward, Bella for Edward is like his brand of heroin, so he first rejects her, but later he gets closer to her. At the same time, in the Push, an Indian reservation, lived the licantropos, similar to the werewolfs, an they are in charged of protect Forks from the vampires. This is a book about love, adventures and fights.

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  1. Good work Silvia. This series have been really successful among teenagers. I' ve seen the film and quite enjoyed it. It's very romantic!!