jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Book Day

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is a fantasy series by Jonathan Stroud.
This trilogy is formed by:
1.The amulet of Smarkanda
2.The golem´s Eye
3.Ptolomy´s Gate

The story is told through the viewpoint of three characters, the magician Nathaniel (later known as John Mandrake), Bartimaeus (a five-thousand year old spirit of mid-level power), and the commoner Kitty Jones.

The three novels are set in London in an alternate history to our own, though many countries, cities, events, and people are real:Prague, the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, Solomon,William Ewart Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, etc.. The books suppose that magic, magicians, and demons have been active throughout history, altering it. In particular these changes are reflected in the contrast between modern aspects (such as electricity and cars) and older ones (colonial-era weapons). The current time is never directly stated.

Among the books of fantasyI have read, these are the best ones. They are really amazing and interesting. I have enjoyed very much reading them.

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  1. Good work, Jorge.I also like books of fantasy. I loved the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings and one of a very imaginative Spanish writer which few people know: "Olvidado Rey Gudú" by Carmen Martín Gaite