viernes, 30 de abril de 2010


STORMBREAKER is a very interesting book written by Anthony Horowitz. It is a book with full of adventure and suspense. I like this book very much. It's is the story of an orphan boy named Alex Rider who lives with his uncle. He had told Alex that he worked in a bank but later after the death of his uncle he discovers that he was a spy and was killed because he was on a secret mission. A man named Herod Sayle had planned to kill the school children of Britain by his stormbreaker computers who had virus in them he planned that he will provide the stormbreaker free in all the schools and after that the prime minister will press a button and the children around the Britain sitting in front of stormbreaker will die because of this virus.So to stop HEROD SAYLE,ALEX RIDER is appointed by MI6 a for whom is uncle worked, he get training their and he has now got to complete the mission which his uncle was not able to complete.His mission is to stop the HEROD SAYLE from providing the stormbreaker computers to the schools in Britain.

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