martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Last Chapters: 16-20

1. Comment this sentence: "Bruno's memories of life in Berlin had almost all faded away"
2. Why does he go back to Berlin?
3. How do we know Bruno's grandmother did not like Hitler?
4. Was it hard for Bruno to return to "Out-With"?
5. What is odd about Bruno and Shmuel's friendship?
6. What are Gretel's new interests?
7. Why does Bruno go to Gretel's room?
8. What makes her laugh?
9. Why does Gretel scream?
10. Does Bruno have his hair cut?

Chapter 17
1. What do Bruno's parents argue about?
2. Find evidence in the text which prove that Bruno and Gretel get on better now.
3. Write two details that show Bruno's mother is unhappy.
4. Why does the commandant summon his children to his office?

Chapter 18
1. Why did Smuel look unhappy?
2. Did Smuel know Bruno's father?
3. Whose idea was the "new adventure?

Chapter 19

1. Why did Bruno think he might not be able to carry out his plan?
2. How does Bruno disguise himself not to be recognised?
3. Was the camp as Bruno had imagined? Explain.
4. After a while Bruno wants to go home. Why doesn't he?
5. Summarise the end of the story
6. Imagine you could talk to Bruno's father. What would you say to him? 

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Chapters 12, 13, 14 &15

Chapter 12

1. Where did Smuel live before?
2. What was his father's occupation?
3. What  were Jews obliged to wear?
4. What does Bruno find unbelievable about Shamuel's story?
5. What does Shmuel ask Bruno?

Chapter 13

1. Bruno does not miss Berlin so much. Explain why
2. What does María tell Bruno about Pavel?
3. Vocabulary: Explain the meaning of these words:
    Put up with   Gaze   Gobble   Stride   Shake   Chew   Hesitate
4. Why does Lieutenant Kotler scare Shmuel?
5. Kotler feels ashamed of his father. Explain why.        
6. Does María tell Bruno the truth about Pavel?
7. What does Bruno want to do do when he grows up?
8. Bruno & Shmuel disagree about someting. What is it?
9. Narrate the incident at dinner.


1. On a rainy afternoon when Gretel & Bruno are talking something slips out of Bruno's mouth. What is it? What does he say not to reveal the truth?


1. Why does Bruno worry about Shmuel?
2. What does Bruno hate about Kotler?
3. Do you think Bruno's mother likes Kotler? Justify your answer.
4. Why is Shmuel in Bruno's house? 
5. Bruno insists that Smuel eats some chiken slices, he refuses at first, why?
6. What happens when Kotler knows he's been eating?
7. Does Bruno stand by Shmuel in front of Kotler? Why?
8. How does Bruno feel afterwards?
9. What happened to Shmuel?
10. Does he forgive Bruno? How does Smuel show  to him? 


viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

P.S: I Love You

This book is about a beautiful love story.
Holly, the protagonist, meets her husband, Jerry, when she was 19  on a trip to Ireland. After the wedding they move to America.
After almost 20 years Jerry dies but leaves Holly a series of letters which bring back some very special moments of their marriage like when they met.
Holly feels she cannot leave until she does everything Jerry asked in his letters. The end comes and she says goodbye for good.

It is a novel by Cecilia Ahern.
I recommend it to everyone because it is a very beautiful love story and  it ends with a big surprise.

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An extraordinary trilogy of fantasy.The protagonist:Eragon.His life changes when he receives a dragon

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Reader Chapters 9, 10 & 11

Chapter 9
1. Explain this statement: Life at Out With went on with its customary routine.
2. Who is Herr Liszt?
3. What is The Fatherland?
4. What do you think Her Liszt means when he says this to Bruno: the great wrongs that have been done to you?
5. What has Bruno enjoyed since he was a child?
6. What does he start to wonder about?
7. What is the meaning of: stern(adj.), wonder (vb.), wander (vb.)

Chapter 10

1. Write the meaning of : blob (n.), forlorn (adj.), skinny (adj.)
2. Write a short description of Smuel.
3. Find the meaning of these verbs: a. hesitate, b.wander, c. wonder
4. Why is Bruno surprised?
5. Why does Bruno think Shmuel is lucky?
6. Was Bruno's intention to be unkind when he said Germany is superior to Poland? Why?
7. Which boy knows more geography? Justify your answer.

Chapter 11

1. Do you think Bruno's father called Hitler "The Fury"? Explain your answer.
2. A special guest for dinner Write a paragraph narrating this event.
3. Describe Adolf Hitler and his companion.
4. What impression does Bruno get of "The Fury"?