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Last Chapters: 16-20

1. Comment this sentence: "Bruno's memories of life in Berlin had almost all faded away"
2. Why does he go back to Berlin?
3. How do we know Bruno's grandmother did not like Hitler?
4. Was it hard for Bruno to return to "Out-With"?
5. What is odd about Bruno and Shmuel's friendship?
6. What are Gretel's new interests?
7. Why does Bruno go to Gretel's room?
8. What makes her laugh?
9. Why does Gretel scream?
10. Does Bruno have his hair cut?

Chapter 17
1. What do Bruno's parents argue about?
2. Find evidence in the text which prove that Bruno and Gretel get on better now.
3. Write two details that show Bruno's mother is unhappy.
4. Why does the commandant summon his children to his office?

Chapter 18
1. Why did Smuel look unhappy?
2. Did Smuel know Bruno's father?
3. Whose idea was the "new adventure?

Chapter 19

1. Why did Bruno think he might not be able to carry out his plan?
2. How does Bruno disguise himself not to be recognised?
3. Was the camp as Bruno had imagined? Explain.
4. After a while Bruno wants to go home. Why doesn't he?
5. Summarise the end of the story
6. Imagine you could talk to Bruno's father. What would you say to him? 

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  1. Chapter 16:
    question 4
    The hard for Bruno tu return Out-With was that his grandmother had died and the family had to go home for the funeral.

  2. Chapeter 18:
    1.Smuel was unhappy because his 'papa'was lost , they can't find him.

  3. Marta you don't answer question 4, you say why Bruno's family went to Berlin, which is question 2. Try again!

  4. Chapter 16:
    question 2
    The hard for Bruno tu return Out-With was that his grandmother had died and the family had to go home for the funeral.

  5. Marta that was the reason why the family went to Berlin, not to "Out-With"
    Good of you to try anyway!

  6. 6. Imagine you could talk to Bruno's father. What would you say to him?
    I said to him that the same tragedy that happend whit his son,happend whit the millions of jews that he is killing,and that the same sadness that the death of Bruno produve in him,also appear in the millions of familys that he broke.

  7. Chapter 16;question 6:
    Gretel´s new interests was about Hitler,because she meet one of his father´s soldier which was too much patriot and which was obiously in Hitler´s side so he was a nazi and because of that Gretel,who likes him,began to put posters in her room about that things.She felt higher so she threw out her dolls.

  8. Chapter 19;question 3:
    The camp isn´t it as Bruno had imagined,he looks disappointed because he doesn´t understand why in the movied that his father and the other soldiers saw everything looks find and then when he was there he doesn´t look like he believed.The camp was a bad concentration camp.

  9. Both Adrián's and Aitana's answers are correct.

  10. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  11. Chapter 19
    Question 4:
    Bruno wanted to go home but after a while he heard a sound and everyone who wear stripped pyjamas gathered together and started walking Shmuel told him to keep walking and not to stop and told him that he can go his home after a while and do what the soldiers said.

  12. Chapter 19
    Question 5:
    Ater all the jews and Bruno started walking together at the order of soldiers,they stopped in one room.They like the room as it was warm and outside it was raining and was cold.But later the room got hotter and hotter and hotter,so the people started to sweat very much as started replacing their clothes but it`s still get hotter and hotter.So I think that they are burned alive as the Hitler also burned the jews alive and they also do thee same things as Hitler.So i think that the jews and Bruno were burned alive or probably had died because of the lack of the oxigen as the room was locked and their were many people in the same room.

  13. Yes Saad, Jews were fisrt poisoned with a gas and then burnt or incinerated.

  14. Chapter 16 Question 7
    Bruno go to Gretel`s room because he need to ask someone the reason of why there was a fence that divide the place in two sides.And he thinks that if he ask it to father or mother they would get angry.

  15. Chapter 17 Question 1
    As Bruno`s mother is not comfortable with the job his husband is doing,she says that the best idea would be that she,Bruno and Gretel would return back to Berlin, so in that moment Father and Mother are arguing about the possibility to return Back to Berlin.

  16. Chapter 18 Question 2
    Yes, Shmuel knows Bruno`s father,h had seen he in a number of occasions.

  17. Chapter 19 Question 2
    Bruno wears a striped pyjama bottom,a striped pyjama top and a striped pyjama cloth cap.He wears no shoes.

  18. Chapter 16 Question 5. What is odd about Bruno and Shmuel's friendship? That they've never play together, or even touch and see them without the fence in between.

  19. Chapter 17 Question 4. Why does the commandant summon his children to his office? Because he wants to tell them that they had to get back to Berlin with their mother.

  20. Chapter 16, question 1.
    Bruno had been so much time in Out-With that he could not remember his friends, or the city of Berlin.

  21. Chapter 17, question 2.
    "Gretel was still going through a phase and keeping out of his way (and she didn't seem to be quite so much a Hopeless Case anymore)"

  22. Chapter 16 3. How do we know Bruno's grandmother did not like Hitler?

    Becouse when Bruno's father obtain the new uniform she was very upset and said that he shouldn't be proud of what they were doing.

  23. Chapter 16, Question 8:
    Gretel laughs because Bruno asks her why he can't go over the other side of the fence, instead of why the prisoners can't go out there.

  24. Chapter 16, Question 9:
    Gretel screams because she found a tiny egg on her hair, so she shows it to her mother.

  25. Well done all of you. I hope that you've enjoyed reading this book and you have learned a lot of English!

  26. Chapter 18 Question 2. Did Smuel know Bruno's father? Yes, he saw him in the camp with the soldiers, working.

  27. Chapter 19 Question 3. Was the camp as Bruno had imagined? No, he expected a nicier place. All the people there were sad (except the soldiers) whore the ugly-smelly striped pyjamas and there wasnt anyone playing.

  28. Chapter 19 question 6:
    I would say ti Bruno's father that he had to care more about Bruno and if they returned to Berlin the things will be better.

    As well I would say him that his work is not the only important thing.

  29. Victoria, I think you should also mention the enormous injustice commited against the Jews!!