domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Doña Bárbara

This work is one of my favourite books. It's about a woman called Barbara who has very bad childhood and teenage and, as a consequence, she becomes a cruel woman. She falls in love with a man called Santos who comes to Barbara´s town to sell a piece of land he owns.But then he falls in love with Barbara´s daughter, Marisela. So you can imagine how complicated their lives become, especially taking into account that Barbara and her daughter hate each other.

The author of the book, Rómulo Gallegos, uses a very rich and expressive language to tell this story. He uses typical vocabulary of Venezuela and a lot of metaphors, so it's sometimes difficult to understand what he means.

I like this book a lot because I love how the author uses the language, particularly when he describes the cruel scenes of Doña Barbara. I also love the ending and how the story represents conflicts between opposite forces, such as civilization and order against cruelty and brutality.

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  1. Thank you for your book review, Sofía. It's very well written, I haven't read any books by Rómulo Gállegos but I'll try to read one when I have the occasion.