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Reader: Chapters 3, 4, 5

These are the questions:

1.How does Gretel tease Bruno?
2. How long do they think they're going to stay in the new house?
3. The house is located next to a concentration camp. Which one do you think? What makes you think so?
4. Who's more courageous, Gretel or Bruno? Justify your answer.
5. What do they see from Bruno'sbedroom window?

6.What does the narrator compare the garden full of flowers with? Invent another simile and write it.
7. In your own words write a brief description of the fence and place at the other side.
8. What's Gretel's conclusion about the place?
9. Does Bruno agree? Why?
10. Look up these words and write their meaning: "wheelbarrow", "crutches", " spades"
11. Gretel doesn't like to face the truth Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.
12. What does Bruno find remarkable about the people at the other side of the fence?
13. Find a sentence which shows that Bruno's mother thinks her husbad is ambitious.
14. What's the relationship between Bruno's mother and María? Justify your answer.
15. What did Bruno think it was weird at the station?
16. What are Bruno's feelings towards his father?
17. In which year is this happening? Quote the sencence where the narrator tells us.
18. What kind of salute does Bruno describe? What are the two words?
19 What's Bruno's father's room lke compared to the rest of the house?
20. How does Bruno's dad try to convince him they should stay there?
21. Who do you think "the Fury" is?
22. Why does Bruno's father think that his son is either being very brave or simply disrespectful?
23. How does Bruno feel after the conversation with his father?
24. What is Bruno's last question? Is he satisfied with the answer?

23 comentarios:

  1. Gretal tease his brother by telling him always that she is older than his brother,that she is nearly thirteen years old and his brother is only nine years old.

  2. 1.Gretel teases Bruno telling him that he is very young and that he is only 9 years old.And also she tells that he has a really small high.

  3. 2.Bruno and his mother think that they are going to stay in the New house of Out-with for a few months.

  4. Question 2:
    Bruno thinks that they are going to stay in the hause for one week.

  5. They think that they are going to stay in their new house for a few weeks for a "foreseeable future".

  6. Question 3:
    the House in Out With, becouse is the one where they went in holidays

  7. I think BRUNO is more courages as he like exploring things and was not afraid when he saw outside the hundreds of children from the window of his room but he told her sister to see she was not sure that she wanted to see them and said a silent prayer of returning back to BERLIN.

  8. They saw a hundreds of people from the window sitting on the floor with dirty clothes.

  9. 5. From Bruno´s bedroom you can see all the concentration camp (including the people in stripped pyjamas)

  10. Alejandra, your answer to question 3 is wrong. Try again!

  11. Question 10:
    wheelbarrow: carretilla
    crutches: muletas
    spades: picas

  12. Question 11:
    He saw strange and remarkable that everybody were dressed equal.With a striped pyjama.

  13. Question 12:
    Bruno notice that all the people in the other fence are dressed iqual; with a striped pijama.

  14. 7.At the other side of the house, from Bruno`s window, was situated a large garden. It was a good place for picnics, full of flowers that are tended carefully and with knowledge, wiht a little candle of light in the corner. There was also a very pleasant pavement with wooden bench on it, a plaque with an inscription an twenty feet further there was a huge wire fence.The fence was higher than the house, with huge wooden posts , like telegraph poles and in the top, enormous bales of barbes wire.

  15. 8. Gretel's conclusion about the place is that the house in Out-With is their holiday home (as she believes that the house must be situated in the countryside).

  16. Noone has answered QUESTION 3 yet. Can any of you do it?

  17. 10.
    I'm going to write more information about this question.
    wheelbarrow:Small car with a wheel ahead and two handles behind to seize her, with that small loads are transported.carretilla
    crutches: Cane specie adapted to support the forearm or the arm, used to help walk you have difficulty doing so.muletas
    spades: To puncture superficially. picas

  18. 13.
    With the sentence "Some people and their determination to get ahead" Bruno´s mother show his feelings about her husband ambition.

  19. question 3:
    It´s a concentration camp of jewish people.Because they told in the chapter and because in those times Hitler was the leader and no one could be jew because it would be executed.

  20. I answer to question 6, which is missing:
    -The narrator compares the garden full of flowers with a tiny candle of light in the corner of a huge castle on a misty moor on a dark winter's night.
    -My simil: like a solitary glow-worm in a field at a cold night

  21. 15. What did Bruno think it was weird at the station?

    He think it was weird that he and his family get into a train wich have a lot of space and other people were all in another train and they couldn't hardly breath. Bruno thinks that this people could enter in his train so he doesn't understand why they didn't do it.

  22. 24. What is Bruno's last question? Is he satisfied with the answer?
    The last question of Bruno was:"How are all those people outside?"
    Bruno not is satisfied whit the answer because his father said to him that this people are no person a Bruno don´t understand him.

  23. Adrián, notice this:
    1.-The question is WHO... not how
    2.-People is a plural noun so you have to say "these people"
    3. Bruno DOESN'T...