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Reader, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This is the reader for next term. I hope you will learn a lot.

Here you have some questions about chapters 1 & 2.You have to answer one question each, check first which ones have already been answered, follow the order and number your answer. You can also give your opinion if you disagree with any of your class mates' previous responses.

Questions Chapters 1 & 2

1. What's the discovery Bruno makes?
2. Is Bruno's family wealthy? Justify your answer.
3. Write a little about Bruno's personality.
4.Who's a "hopeless case"? What does it mean?
5. Where does Bruno live?
6. How can we guess there was a war?
7. Why is it hard for Bruno to go away?
8. Does the narrator tell us what Bruno's father's job was? Can you guess?
9. Who does Bruno's mum call "some people"?
10. Is Bruno allowed to go into his father's office?
11. How does Bruno feel when he goes into their new house?
12. What was very different there?
13. What remained the same?
14. Does Bruno's mother like the new place? Justify your answer with words from the text.
15. What are Bruno's feelings towards his father? Justify your answer
16. Who lived in the house apart from the family?
17. What piece of advice does María give Bruno?
18. How did Bruno feel when he looked through the window in his bedroom?
19. Describe the fruit & vegetables stall in Bruno's city.

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  1. 1. What's the discovery Bruno makes?
    When he arrives home he finds that the maid was packing all his belongs in big suitcases. Her mother told him that they are moving away from Berlin.

  2. 2. Is Bruno's family wealthy?
    Yes, they are wealthy because the have a maid (Maria), a cooker (Cook) and a butler (Lars) in a 5 floor house.

  3. More information about Question
    2.Also one fact that determined that his family is welthy is that it says that the house have five floors and each member of the family has a bedroom for he/she

    3.Write a title about Bruno`s personality.
    Well,acording with the reaction that Buno has when he receive the new of moving to Berlin,I think he is a stubborn,persistent and inquisitive guy.And he also like to make lots of questions.

  4. 5.Bruno lives in a very beautiful house that have five floors in total, if you included the basement.At the top of the house, Brunocould see right Berlin from the slanted windows of the little room.

  5. 7.It hard for Bruno to go away because he had to live his friends Martin,Daniel and Karl.
    He liked his life in Berlin.

  6. Notice that questions 4 & 6 have not been answered yet so the next students who write a commment should try to answer them.

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  7. 6. How can we guess there was a war?
    We can guess it becouse Bruno lived in Berlin and he named the Furer (who was Hitler) and he also describe the same feelings and actions that happens during the 2nd World War.

  8. 4.Who's a "hopeless case"? What does it mean?

    Bruno says is a hopeless case his sister and that caused nothing but trouble for him.
    It means that he doesn´t like his sister

  9. You are right Jorge,though I wouldn't say Bruno doesn't like his sister,it's just the usual differences among brothers & sisters.

  10. Belen, your answer is correct but you have to find evidence in the text.We can also know there was a war because they had to turn off the lights at night, oviously not to bombed by planes.

  11. It is hard for Bruno to go away because he didin't want to lose his best friends,his house as he loved to get on board the banister at the top floor and slide his way through the house making whooshing sonds as he went,he didn't wanted to leave his big beautiful house and last of all he didn't wanted to leave Berlin.

  12. The narrator said that bruno's fatherwas a man to watch and that Fury had big things in mind for him.So i think he is probably an officer.

  13. No,Bruno was not allowed to go in his father's office.

  14. 9.Bruno`s mum refers to Bruno`s dad when she says "some people"

  15. 11.Bruno does not like the new house and he cannot believe that they are going to live there.

    12.The house in Berlin had stood on a lively street with other big houses. By contrast, the new house stood on its own in an empty , desolate place and there were no other houses or neighbours.In addition, the new house(3 floors) was much smaller than the old house(5 floors).

  16. 14. Does Bruno's mother like the new place? Justify your answer with words from the text.

    No,she doesen`t liked but it`s not her choise.Bruno`s mother trie to convice her with a phrase:"It`s that we have to make the best of a bad situation".

  17. Bruno trated to convince his father that they had to return to Berlin.
    He asked his father a lot of questions of why are in the Out-With horrible house.

    At final his father said that he had to accept the new home and Bruno was sad.

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  19. 16.Apart from the family, in the house lived Maria, who was the maid, an also lived three more maids. An old man, who was in charged of prepared food an waited on them at the dinner table, he was very unhappy and a little angry.

  20. 7. Why is it hard for Bruno to go away?

    It hard to Bruno to go away because he like berlin and he had there all his live and all his friendas like Martin, Karl and Daniel

  21. 17. Maria sais to Bruno that he has to avoid problems and that he has to behave well

  22. 18.When bruno look trought the window he felt very sad.

  23. Marta, read that part again and write a more complete answer.